Lack of availibility of makeup for dark skinned Australians

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This problem is likely not one that the average Australian is aware of for the simple reason that the average Australian will not run into it. However, for a pretty large (and growing) minority of Australians availability of makeup is an issue. That’s not because makeup is hard to find in Australia in general but because the shops only cater to light skin tones.

Leaving the indigenous community aside, the Indian, African and Islander communities in Australia are growing with the market for foundations and makeup for dark skinned Australians steadily growing. As the major players in the market on the lower end of the price scale are slow to adapt and those at the high end of the scale overcharge, Dark Elegance Cosmetics is trying to make a difference by offering a range of cosmetics products specifically for dark skin tones online.

The problem cannot be solved overnight but one shop can make a difference. As the word spreads and customers make requests for new products, the product range is growing and hopefully in time, customers with darker skin tones will experience the same availibility of makeup as everyone else in Australia.