Bridal Makeup for Black Women

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Black bride with beautiful makeup
Photo by cindy baffour on Unsplash

You will find tons of articles on the web on bridal makeup but not many of them deal with bridal makeup for black women.

Having dark skin has an impact on how you go about your makeup. Many of the tips you will find for bridal makeup is geared towards women with light skin and does not translate well to women with dark skin. It is time to fix this and publish more information on bridal looks specifically for black women.

Let’s first review what others have contributed to this. This author has done a good job collecting a number of videos on the subject which provide a good overview. The videos she refers to and comments on suggest a range of different looks and should allow every woman to be able to find something.

If you are more interested in an article which deals with the topic in text only, then try this one. While it describes a number of different options in text, it also illustrates them with images.

In the end, it all comes down to you want to go about things. As with everything that relates to looks and beauty, the most important thing is that you feel good about it. While it is a good idea to seek advice, you are free to experiment. You may come up with totally different ideas than what others suggest or you may find a variation on someone else’s ideas.

And, depending on where you live you may also have to worry about the availability of what you need to do your makeup. So, you may need to be creative and work with what you can get. But, it may also pay to just look around a bit. There may be options you are unaware of. Don’t settle for what you know. Search the web, ask around and you may find you have access to things you didn’t think you did.